Superior Trailer Works History
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Steve Morehead & M.J. Thornton formed a company to build equipment for the transportation industry.

Steve Morehead & M.J. Thornton formed a corporation named Superior Equipment Rental Corporation, to manufacture transportation equipment & carry on related business.

The corporate name was changed to Superior Trailer Works. The company began to concentrate on manufacturing transfer chassis, pup chassis and continued to manufacture low beds and specialty trailers.

Steve Morehead died and Charles Richards, a son in law and company engineer, became President. The company continued to manufacture primarily transfers and pups.

Redwood Reliance Sales Company purchased the assets of Superior Trailer Works. JN Pocock, a stockholder of Redwood Reliance Sales Company, ran the company that molded into Reliance Trailer Company, a company formed to do business in Southern California.

Superior introduced the new lightweight transfer bodies. The company continued to distribute the Reliance Product.

JN Pocock and DK Ling purchased Superior Trailer Works from Redwood Reliance Sales Company.

Superior began to manufacture Super Dumps as well as transfers and pups. continuing to market Reliance.

Superior Trailer Works ceased to distribute the Reliance Products. JN Pocock purchased the remaining shares of Superior Trailer Works.

Superior Trailer Works introduces superlight transfers. The new lightweight design wins the Swedish Steel Prize.

Superior Steel Journey
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