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Adding a SwapLoader Hook-lift Hoist to your daily operation allows you to accomplish the work of a small fleet, but with a single truck.

In under 3 minutes, you can completely switch functions without leaving the cab of your truck.

– for moving material, equipment, etc…
DUMP BODY – for hauling dirt, sand, rock, etc…
VAN BODY – for hauling tools, equipment, or other materials you want secured or protected from the weather.
WATER TANK – watering and spraying needs.
V-BOX – sand/salt spreader.

Today, you’re probably using a number of trucks to accomplish these tasks listed above.

What is the annual insurance cost associated with these trucks?
How do you function when they breakdown, are out of service, and waiting for repairs? How many trucks do you have dedicated to each function, so your operation continues
to run smoothly? How do you currently load them with materials?

Tomorrow, you could be using a single truck chassis equipped with a SwapLoader Hook-lift Hoist to achieve all these tasks. Our focus is providing equipment that is budget friendly and offers expandable versatility.

Switch functions in under 3 minutes. Now a single truck is instantly a mini fleet, capable of accomplishing many functions and limited only by your imagination.

Reduce your insurance costs, by reducing the number of trucks needed to accomplish your daily tasks. Remember, you don’t have to insure individual truck bodies. By having at least two trucks in place, equipped with the SwapLoader System, down time for repairs is a thing of the past.

Load your truck bodies at ground level. Not only is it safer for your employees, it provides easy access to all. Now you can drop off a body loaded with materials, making it easier to unload as needed. Your crew can continue with their daily schedule, uninterrupted. Through the design and use of our low-pressure hydraulics, it’s easy to share the SwapLoader System with other hydraulically powered devices as well. Achieve greater dump angles than you can with any conventional dump truck, up to 58º with SwapLoader’s TRUE DUMP capabilities.

Installing a SwapLoader Hook-lift Hoist on your truck will instantly expand your fleet’s versatility and increase your productivity. Expect more and get more with SwapLoader!

Contact your local Superior TODAY and see how easy it is to integrate a SwapLoader Hook-lift Hoist System into your fleet.

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